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Not all investors qualify for this kind of management. The investments contained in this active strategy may not be suitable for all investors depending on their specific investment objectives, risk tolerances and financial position. Investments in this program are subject to market risk, and buy/sell signals must be interpreted by investment Advisory professionals. No investment strategy can guarantee profits or protection from losses as securities are subject to market volatility. The computer models do not provide, imply, or otherwise constitute a guarantee of performance. Any market exposure always entails the possibility of substantial loss of equity.

You will find that we do not discuss or display account returns, neither past nor present, in this website. We feel that the more important focus should be put on investment philosophy and system or process by which an investment selection is made by your Advisor. We also believe past performance is no assurance of future gains and due to individual investment Advisor use and implementation of our research, specific individual account return would vary greatly and would be influenced by each individual account holder's risk tolerances and investment objectives.

An active management strategy where assets are being bought and sold in less than a twelve month time frame may create a taxable event on non-tax-qualified accounts. In the event of a profitable transaction on a security held less than twelve months, the account owner is likely to be taxed at a short-term capital gains tax rate that is subject to individual client circumstances. Short-term capital gains taxes are often more expensive than long-term capital gains. Investment Advisory fees are described in the investment Advisor's Form ADV Part II. Securities are offered through Silver Oak Securities, Inc., Member FINRA/SIPC.